Preparations For A New Year’s Day Party

Every year, when I was a child, my mother would throw lavish New Year’s Day parties at our house in East Hampton. They had pretty much stopped by the time I was old enough to really enjoy them, but for a few years it was a tradition and all of our friends would come over for caviar, homemade blinis, champagne, martinis and I assume, a fair amount of Bloody Marys.
Well, my mother passed away on January 9th, 2005 and my father died this past November 16th and I miss them both very much. I will be selling the apartment they (and I) lived in for much of the past 30 years and in part to honor them and in part because I consider New Year’s Day a much more interesting holiday than New Year’s Eve, I am preparing to host my first ever New Year’s Day party.
In typical fashion, I have let my ambition and natural hosting tendencies take control over the part of the brain that controls reason (the neocortex, I believe…erm…Wikipedia believes….) So, as a result, I am attempting to serve the following during the day…I’ll let you know, with pix and hopefully testemony, on what I succeeded in preparing:
Bagels and lox, coffee and juice.
Bonac Clam Pie
Smoked Sausage and Black Eyed Peas
Maine Shrimp Boil
Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
Saucisson sec w/cornicons and truffle butter
Assorted cheeses, blue, stinky and others!
Sage beer cheese bread
Oysters Rattray (A family recipe from old family friends from East Hampton. Alas, sorrel was nowhere to be found, so I will have to make due with baby spinach and lemon juice to approximate the taste of the sorrel.)
Half a freshly smoked and glazed ham
And, if we have the energy tomorrow, cookies.
Here’s a few shots of the prelims:
“Before” shots of my living room, kitchen and fridge:
Living Room.jpg
The first chocolate bourbon pecan pie (the stuff around the edges is the sugary, chocolaty, pecany overflow. It’s the stuff of gods):

2 thoughts on “Preparations For A New Year’s Day Party”

  1. if i weren’t here in Canada today, i’d definitely be there to help with the oysters and the pie (either to make ’em or eat ’em). HAVE A GREAT DAY, MARK! It sounds like a great idea and a fantastic FEAST! Bess

  2. Happy New Year Mark. You may not know me, but we’re related. My father, Arthur Netter Jaffe, was a first cousin to your father & aunt (Lucille). And I can remember wonderful Christmas parties your grandmother (Rose Rabinowitz) used to throw at her house in Brooklyn. Here’s to carrying on happy family traditions!

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