Denver 07: The Preparations For Denver Begin or “Put This Liver On Hold For Me, Will You?”

This post from old friend Mike Jones over at Variety’s festival blog The Circuit reminded me of the following, slightly redacted version of an email I recently received from two of the more creative, mischevious, deviant, stellar-of-character and stand-up individuals that I know:
Dear Uncle Monty,
If indeed you believe, as your site states, that “young girls and gin may be the cure”, then you are in for some serious trouble at the Late Night Lounge this year. We have secured Bombay Sapphire as the headliner and peppered the remaining shelf space with such gems as *yummy booze, here*. As far as the young lasses go, we’re having them imported from the area’s more devious centers of low morale and high heel. Get your liver and other vitals in gear, ol’ sport. We mean to do you harm.
Yours in christ,
*redacted* & *redacted*
LNL goons

I think the phrase “Be afraid. Be very afraid” is quite apt. I know. I’ve been there:
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Dance Dance Dance, All Night Long….
Denver Late Night Lounge Shimmy #1

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