Some Debate Thoughts

Hilary Clinton: For fuck’s sake, Hilary, admit it! You. Were. Wrong. You know what real adults do when they fuck up? They admit it and move on. Everyone on the left thinks you were wrong in voting for the war and many republicans do, too, so just admit it, so we can get on with things.
Wolf Blitzer: Please don’t ever moderate a debate again. Your questions were largely facile, you interrupted candidates far too often and the hand-raising thing is just silly.
CNN and the Democratic Party: While there was a big “to do” made about the democratic party refusing to enter into a debate that was to be held on Fox News because it’s not exactly “fair and balanced,” what on EARTH made you think the Manchester Union Leader was a good alternative? That newspaper makes the New York Post look like The Nation!
Senator John Edwards: You want to “re-establish America’s moral authority in the world?” Are you kidding me? So you really think that even before “W” lost us whatever credibility we still had, we had moral authority in the world? That statement is just too ridiculous for me to get into, so I’ll just say mention a few of our “moral superiorities”: Guatemala 1954, Dominican Republic 1965, Chile 1973, Vietnam and Watergate.
Senator Dodd: I’m not your biggest fan, but BRAVO for getting the last word in about reinstating the constitution after W and his thugs shredded it. Good luck to you or the eventual winner.

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