22 Hours And Counting….C’mon You REDS!

So….it’s about 22 hours until the kickoff of the Champions League Final which for the second time in three years pits the Rossoneri of Ac Milan (Booooo!) against the Reds of Liverpool FC (HUZZAH!). This year the final is taking place in Athens, Greece.
Kick off is at 2:45pm EDT and we’ll be watching it at Nevada Smith’s.
Here’s hoping for a repeat of the following scene:
Winningteam Med

2 thoughts on “22 Hours And Counting….C’mon You REDS!”

  1. No Djimi, Cisse, Luis or Vladi this time, Hyypia won’t start… hahaha. That said, I’d love to see us win it without pennos. Ugh, my guts are on fire. SO NERVOUS!

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