Sarasota 07: Michael Tully Brings The Karaoke!

One of the things that the staff and guests at the Sarasota Film Festival like to do several times during the fest is gather either at Esca or Cabana, both local bars with, uh, different styles. On Tuesday nights it’s Cabana, a rather colorful dive, complete with the occasional hooker. No kidding.


up first, Silver Jew and Cocaine Angel director, Michael Tully whose dulcet tones graced Ray Parker Jr.’s “Ghostbusters.”

Also performing that night were Sarasota director of programming Tom Hall and marketing coordinator David Robinson, doing a fantastic duet on Wings’ “Silly Love Songs.”

Festival publicist Gary Springer had us all dancing in the aisles (or at least me) with a rendition of “Singin’ In the Rain,” complete with some nifty dance moves!


I loved this bar….


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