SXSW 07 Panel Reminder: Blogging About Film

Howdy from Austin, folks! Sorry I haven’t posted today, but to be honest, I’m lucky I can remain upright after the staggering number of margaritas I tossed down my gullet last night. Pictures of that evening to come!
Anyway, tomorrow morning at 11:30, yours truly, along with several other fantastic and lovely people will be empaneled to chat about blogging film. Do come and check us out, will you? Here’s the deets from the SXSW site:
Blogging About Film
Room 12AB
Tuesday, March 13th
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Blogs have become some of the first things people read each and every day. Film blogs are no exception. The movie reporter/critic uses their blog as a way to connect to the movie fan. A trip to a film set, an experience at a screening or a great discovery at a film festival, can be posted in just a few minutes. This panel will discuss the grind and payoff of publishing online. And, how future bloggers and current filmmakers, can get the most mileage out of this powerful medium.
Moderator: Alison Willmore-Writer, IFC
Agnes Varnum-Editor,
Mark Rabinowitz-Editor in Chief, The Rabbi Report
Lance Weiler-Filmmaker, Workbook Project
Alison Willmore-Writer, IFC
Paul Harrill, Lovell Films, Self-Reliant Filmmaking
Joel Heller-Producer/ Host, Docs That Inspire

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