R2-D2 Mails A Letter?

So I’m in Austin, having dinner with Brian and Eugene from indieWIRE and we come across this:
R2Mailbox1.jpg R2-mailbox2.jpg
I mean, WTF is this? Well, I went to the website and got the following message:
On March 28
Two Powerful Forces Will Unite

What will unite? R2-D2 and a mail box? Star Wars and the US Postal Service?
I confused.
UPDATE: According to the New York Times, the US Postal Service is issuing one or more Star Wars stamps, with an announcement to be made on March 28th.

2 thoughts on “R2-D2 Mails A Letter?”

  1. I TOTALLY love this, more than Abigail Breslin even. R2-D2 and the mailbox have already merged; I’m assuming Star Wars and the USPS will unite on March 28. Haven’t heard of a SW stamp, but is it possible?
    You do remember that this year is the 30th anniversary of the May 1977 premiere of Star Wars?

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