What Makes An Expert, Anyway?

Maybe I’m just picking on a small town paper when I post this, but I just have to call attention to a little bit of Oscar-related silliness. Robert Horton, “longtime” film critic for the Everett, Washington Herald, a so-called expert (so-called by his own paper, natch) got 6 out of his 13 predictions correct. Six. Out of 13. For best picture he predicted The Queen. That’s an “expert” prediction? The Queen was the only nominee that I was certain wasn’t going to win!

One thought on “What Makes An Expert, Anyway?”

  1. At Denver’s Academy Sanctioned “Party with Oscar,” (ask yourself now ‘elite or elitist’) the unison expression of shock when “Little Miss Sunshine” didn’t win was unlike any other upset we’d experienced at an Oscar night. Was it because of the local link to Devotchka?
    What was your favorite for Best Picture, what was the overall pick for BP?
    We really thought it was a lock for the win, and by the way, three people bested you for their picks, each one only missed Best Picture.
    AND… You should really visit Denver in the summer, and wear short pants. Being drunk with the LNL folks at a mile high in hundred degree weather should not be missed.

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