2007 Running Oscar Thoughts….

12:41pm – Did you know that Helen Mirren’s birth name is Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov, according to IMDb? How hot is that? Ok. Drunk now.
12:14pm – The Departed wins. Feh.
12:09pm – The least biggest surprise of the night. Marty wins. I am 18-5. It’s a good year for me, but better for Marty!
11:55pm – Helen Mirren. Again, all class. I’m 16-5. Not too shabby, eh?
11:49pm – R.I.P. My favorite part of the show, really. Touching and it reminds us all of some poeple we’ve forgotten, even in the intervening year. This year seemed like one of particularly heavy losses.

11:40 – That was one of the most random montages I have ever seen.
11:33pm – 14-5
11:30pm – Travolta…weave?
11:25pm – 6 categories to go and 5 minutes until the scheduled end of the show. I wonder if we’ll run long. Anyone who picked early Tuesday morning as their tie-breaker answer in their pool has a good chance of winning.
11:14pm – And the indie screenwriting slot goes to….Little Miss Sunshine! I am 13-5, rocking the pool, baby!
10:55 – Celine….MY EARS ARE BLEEDING! Of all the singers on earth, you get her? At the very least, get a fucking Italian opera singer. That was offensive to my ears and my sense of taste.
10:50 – As we roll into the remaining awards, I’m 11-4. Not bad. However, I could lose quite a few coming up.
10:45 – Jerry Seinfeld is actually funny! In an IM Eugene Hernandez points out that it’s clearly an audition for a future Oscar hosting gig.
10:31pm – 9-4, baby. The Lives of Others holds off Pan’s. It really is an exceptional film.
10:20pm – Pirtaes wins visual effects. I should have known better. I’m now 7-3
10:10pm – Sherry’s pure class.
10:03pm – Why is Milena Canonero is dressed like Barry Lyndon?
9:47pm – A tribute to the writer. A ha! Validation!
9:45pm – Happy Feet wins. I am now 6-2.
9:43pm – Cameron Diaz looks like the Flying Nun
9:30pm – Gore gets played off. Fantastic!
9:26pm – These little interpretive dance moments are actually kinda cool.
9:12pm – Sound Effects Choir…and people wonder why these shows are often so bloated.
8:58 – Pan’s wins best makeup…Bob Berney, 2 for 2….
8:55pm – One of the funniest musical numbers in recent memory. Take that, Rob Lowe and Snow White! “Helen Mirren and an Oscar will be comin’ home with me!”
8:50pm – Erm…. What’s with the new awards order? Art Direction first? The the scientific and technical awards?

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