Some Great (Some Not) Missing Comments

So apparently I had the junk filter on my blog set a little bit too high and several legitimate comments were deemed junk by the filter and thus were not emailed to me for approval. If the comment is by a legitimate person and not a spam ad for viagra, xanax, online poker, etc. I am generally of a mind to publish them and then respond to them, if needed. Thus, I apologize to Claire, Tully, Dickmac, Manohla Dargis, Richard Schenkman and others whose comments were inadvertently left off the blog. As a bit of a “make good,” I will post them all in full here, complete with links to the original posts and I will, over the next day or so, reply to some of them on the original posts, themselves. Even the following insane, moronic and anti-Semitic rant by “Claire” (whose email address I was extremely tempted to post…):
You stupid kike, CNN was NOT celebrating Castro’s illness, the cubans [sic] in Miami were. Why? Castro has tortured and killed thousands of Cubans during the past 40 years, that is why. CNN was just reporting their joy over that dictator’s possible death. Don’t you dirty jews [sic] have dozens of hollocaust [sic] movies coming out every year? should [sic] people feel happy about concentration camps? should people mourn Hitler’s death? get real asswipe!
From a post entitled: CNN International – Offensive Ghouls
Well Claire, you’re wrong, stupid and a bigot and really, I shouldn’t waste my time responding to anyone who starts a comment with “you stupid kike” and includes the insane ramblings that you do….so I won’t. Engaging people like you in debate is like trying to convince a chair that it’s a butterfly. It’s just not going to happen. Just crawl back into your hole and please…don’t breed. Out of curiosity, does anyone else see the inherant contradiction in someone attacking Castro’s perceived human rights violations while at the same time calling me a “dirty Jew?”
Which brings us to our next comment. Click the link below to see Richard Schenkman’s far more rational, eloquent, educated, reasonable and intelligent response to this post: It’s Time To Go, Joe: An Open Letter To Senator Joe Lieberman and the rest of the comments I missed over the past 6 months or so….

Why does everyone forget what Abraham Lincoln said?
“I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.”

Most people, sadly (and this really goes for the species, not any one country or group) don’t want peace. They want revenge. That’s why we have prisons, not schools. That’s why the UN has no penis. That’s why we’re bombing the shit out of Iraq, not spending the SAME MONEY to make the middle east, Africa, Pakistan, etc etc into paradises, as we did we Japan and Germany.

Hell, if Lincoln hadn’t been killed, we’d have rebuilt the South, and thus not had the Red/Blue conundrum that we have in this country.

Good point, my friend!
The New York Times Film Critic Manohla Dargis took issue with my taking issue with her (which is only fair, I guess). You see, I “called her out,” so’s to speak, on her review of V For Vendetta. She didn’t like it:
ooh, diss!
OK, but seriously, a thousand Londonites dressing up in V masks and joining together to watch Parliament blow up as a clumsy metaphor for the unshackling of their collective chains? That’s why Alan Moore hated it (and he actually is quoted as saying it is shit) The movie is drivel. It will inspire nobody to do anything but buy the DVD in a few months. And acting like Rush Limbaugh toward its critics does nothing for anybody.

Harsh! Rush!!?? Lady, you got some s’plaining to do regarding that claim! My boy Mookie (no idea who he is) totally has my back, as he weighs in with:
very well written article, and quite satisfying to read. i agree with you completely about dargis’ review.
My good friend Dickmac had a few comments “junked,” and I am not sure why, as he’s been an approved commenter for some time, now. Anyway, he had:
Thanks for a great post that I have mentioned in my blog entry today., which was posted on the above Joe Lieberman piece, as well as:
You’ve never been THAT white! which was posted on: If I Had A Jew Fro….. and
I like: “freshly grated horse . . . “, posted on: Joining In Or Just Poking Fun….?
Then there’s Anne Marie who embarrasses the shit out of me with:
um, i think she says “and all the DUDES” not “all the jews,” a comment on How Do I Love Thee Natalie, Let Me Count The Ways!
Well, after listening to the clip for the 1,001th time, I am chagrined, embarrassed and abashed with how obvious it is that Ms. Portman indeed says “dudes” in the line in question. For some reason I was convinced she was giving the Landsmen a shout out! D’oh!
Martha writes about my trip to Vienna, where I saw the ferris wheel from The Third Man says:
That is fantastic, damn you — like I have time to go watch the movie right now! I have things to do, you know …
Then there’s my good Friend Mike Tully weighs in with a few:
1) that might be the best commercial i’ve ever seen. for Penis Kicker!
2) thanks for doing this, my man. i felt like it was March Madness, updating the site for scores that actually meant nothing to me as i’ve yet to see these films. but i imagine i’ll be catching a bunch of them this fall at the NYFF press screenings. that’s usually how it goes. for 2006 Cannes Winners and
3)see you there, homeboy! for An Alt-Man With Altman: Tully Living Large!
Damian Lahey, Tully’s writer and star in my nominee for one of the top 10 undistributed films of the year, Cocaine Angel writes:
Thanks for the kind words, my friend. It was great meeting you over there in Rotterdam and I’m glad we were able to raise a glass to one another on more than one occasion. Hopefully, we will meet up again in Austin for SXSW and get to do it all over again. Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to cover our little film. It is truly appreciated.
– Damian

My old friend Sharon Kahn tweaks me in defense of an unnamed fellow publicist of hers with:
Howdy Mark…wellll, more often than not, the emergency is, um, a journalist three minutes past deadline. 🙂 on: Red Alert! My Publicist Is Missing!
Reader Yosi Sergant writes in reaction to: Stupid Bastard Award #3 or “This Ain’t Your Fucking Living Room, Bitch!”:
yesterday, i was in a starbucks and a man ahead of me in line was on his phone having a chat WAY too loud. The kind of loud that everyone takes notice of… anywho, he had his hand way down his pants… what is it about being on the phone that makes people forget they are in public!?
On the “blinded football fan” front, Carlos writes that:
luis figo is the best player ever there will be no1 like him ever again he is one of a kind and worth much more than the wages he asked for…he is simply the BEST!!!!!!!!!
Ummmm…No. Wrong. Unh Unh.
Big Fish is his best film since Scissorhands, comes from reader Jones Bloop, responding to The Rabbi’s Holiday Gift List – Edward Scissorhands: 15th Anniversary Edition

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