Red Alert! My Publicist Is Missing!

So, in the “I take my job WAY too seriously category,” I just got the following “Out of the office” auto responder from a publicist. I’m paraphrasing to protect the self-important:
I am out of the office at a meeting and should be back in at roughly 3:30 pm. Please call XXXXX XXXXX in my office, XXX/XXX-XXXX, in case of an emergency.
Ok…an emergency? Really? Emergency? I mean, I do understand that everything is relative, and that one man’s emergency is another man’s slight annoyance but what exactly constitutes a film publicity emergency? “Help, help! There’s a reporter here and I don’t know what to say!” Or maybe a journalist’s kid has been kidnapped and is being ransomed for a copy of the Battlefield Earth press kit.

2 thoughts on “Red Alert! My Publicist Is Missing!”

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  2. Howdy Mark…wellll, more often than not, the emergency is, um, a journalist three minutes past deadline. 🙂

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