Stupid Bastard Award #3 or “This Ain’t Your Fucking Living Room, Bitch!”

Some model wannabe is currently having a loud conversation in the Starbucks I am in with her dealer. It goes like this:
“But then I have to wait until 7! I don’t want to wait until 7!”
“It’s 6.”
“Can’t I come over now? I really need something! I’m like, totally falling asleep!”
Pause, while I and the rest of the customers try to stifle our laughs and look at each other incredulously.
“No! I’m totally falling asleep!”
Gets up and walks to the entryway and we cease to stifle our laughs and a full-on belly laugh guffaw takes over the room.
She definitely gets a Bernie Award for that. What a Stupid Bastard!

6 thoughts on “Stupid Bastard Award #3 or “This Ain’t Your Fucking Living Room, Bitch!””

  1. wow!must have been pretty fucking loud to be noticed in a crap coffee bar full of merkans!You people SHOUT as a matter of course!Thats just part of the reason why we find you so mockable..I could name arrogance,ignorance(particularly about the rest of the planet),John Wayne,etc,don’t get me wrong though,i’ve met a few quite nice yanks with reasonable chins,but in general lets face it,you’re best avoided,except of course for the jews,blacks,hispanics and RED INDIANS,(HOW!)who are all fine people with admirable chin structure ,not just mindless burger processing units like the rest of you lard arses.Yes,arses.If you insist on trying to speak our language,at least get it right.We still wont want to hear you,but do it for your own self esteem,ok?then maybe ,just maybe, we might decide to accept you into the world community…or not…

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  3. yesterday, i was in a starbucks and a man ahead of me in line was on his phone having a chat WAY too loud. The kind of loud that everyone takes notice of… anywho, he had his hand way down his pants… what is it about being on the phone that makes people forget they are in public!?

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