Robbie Williams Has A Penis And He Wants You To See It

I am not absolutely certain about this, but the very aptly-named tease for Robbie Williams‘ new official site might be the single most insane bit of self-promotion by a major celebrity. And before my fellow Americans say “Major!?” Please understand that Robbie Williams is one of the biggest stars in the world. Just not in the US.
And so without further ado, Robbie Williams’ Penis. (Watch to the end).

Alas, the original promo video is no longer on Williams’ site, but if you click here, you can see some stills. Not as mind-boggling as the original post (not mind-boggling at all, really) but I figure I shoud give my readers something. I still find it insane that Williams flapped his Johnson on his site for the world to see. What ever happened to no sex, please. We’re British?

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