Random Toronto Sineage…

Three very different signs that struck me while in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival:
You’re kidding, right? Kids need Pottery Barn? I think not.

Now this is just funny. “Walking-along-the-street-alone-and-shoot-orange-soda-out-your-nose” funny.
This is noteworth because it was up a day or two before the fest was over. Jumping the gun a bit, folks? While I am criticizing, why not the grammar? What say we throw an apostrophe up in “years” next time? For that matter, what’s “The Roof II?” what happened to “The Roof 1?” Keeping on topic, I understand capitalizing the start of sentences and proper nouns but “Looking Forward?” and “Encore Performance?” Also, and I hate to be a stickler (no, I don’t) but “Looking Forward to next Year’s Encore Performance” isn’t even a sentence.

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