Nation Editor Katrina vaden Heuvel Praises Costas

katrina_vanden_heuvel.jpgCostas.jpgAs were many of us who watched Bob Costas filling in on CNN‘s Larry King Live following President Bush’s speech on June 28th, Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, was impressed. Costas wasted no time in getting straight to the point. In his third question for Senator John Kerry he asked a question many of us on the Left have been asking for months, to wit:

“In the aftermaths of 9/11, did Democrats, yourself included, do a poor job of playing the role of the loyal opposition? Were they too docile and too compliant, and did they fail to ask the skeptical questions and raise the objections they should have in the run-up to war?”

Later in the segment he asked Senator John McCain:

“Are we up against a situation here that maybe we should take a big-picture look at? Iraq isn’t really a natural country. It was cobbled together by force after World War I. There are different regional and religious factions. It was always held together by brutal central governments. And might it not naturally go the way of the Soviet Union or Yugoslavia, where these factions just naturally break off once that central force is removed? ..Are we trying to hold together a country that has no democratic tradition and is not really, in the true sense, a country?”

Read the rest of vanden Heuvel’s blog here and for more of a taste of just how smart and engaging Costas can be, click here and watch some clips from when he was a guest on Larry King Live in 2002, discussing the economic problems in Major League Baseball. Amazing stuff!
Photos L to R: © 2005 The Nation, credit: Michael Lorenzini; © Bob Costas

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