DVD Review: Lost In Space, Season Two, Volume One

Lost in Space
Season 2, Volume 1
20th Century Fox Home Video
LostInSpaceS2V1 BoxArtsmall.jpgWhile a bare bones collection, this box is actually something I am happy I own. This show, while incredibly dated and absurd beyond all reason, is fantastically funny and very well-acted. Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith does actually project that smarmy, pedophilic undertone that you think you remember from watching the originals (or in my case, Saturday morning re-runs) and oddly, that’s a positive, here. Too many times have I re-visited a TV series or movie from my childhood only to be disappointed by the reality. Not so with Lost in Space, although the familiar theme song that most of us remember was actually only present in the final season of this show’s three-year run. However, all the rest is there, complete with Robot B-9 (“Danger, Will Robinson!”), Bill Mumy (later to shine as Lennier on Babylon 5) as Will Robinson and guest stars like Warren Oates, Michael J. Pollard, Kurt Russell, Werner Klemperer, Strother Martin, Lyle Waggoner, Arte Johnson and even Robbie the Robot (not all in this box set). If you’re up for a little nostalgia that actually holds up, give these sets a try.
One major drawback, however, is the complete lack of any extras and mono sound. Otherwise, these discs are a blast, man!
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